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The British Naturopathic Journal

The Journal for Naturopaths was founded in 1949.  It is currently published in March, July and November of each year.

The British Naturopathic Journal publishes research papers on Naturopathy and closely allied subjects as well as critical reviews, discussion papers and brief communications.

It also reprints the occasional classic paper or article, important contributions to naturopathic philosophy and/or practice, which may have been published in a different context.

Book reviews, abstracts from learned papers, letter and news about the naturopathic profession are included as available.

Contributors to the journal are free to express their personal opinions, but publication does not necessarily imply that the British Naturopathic Association endorses such views.

Part of the editorial policy of the BNJ is to try to maintain a balance between the various schools of thought with input into naturopathy – everything from traditional nature cure to nutraceuticals. In previous years we have covered subjects as diverse as research into water-only fasting (which could be categorised as good old-fashioned naturopathy) through to phytonutrients, hair analysis and genetic profiling.

All editorial matter is provided for information only and should not be construed as medical instruction, or used for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition.

Readers who are not health professionals are advised to consult appropriate practitioners on any matter relating to their health and well-being.

Although animal experiments may be referred to in reporting scientific papers, the BNJ does not approve of such research.

The BNJ is a non-profit making educational journal published by the British Naturopathic Association and printed by DOT in print, Havant, Hampshire.

© All material published in the journal is the copyright of The British Naturopathic Journal and its contributors unless otherwise stated.


David Potterton ND MNIMH

Specialist contributors:
Jane Dean MA ND, Paediatrics
Roger Newman Turner ND DO Bac, Functional Medicine
Tom Greenfield ND DO, Nutrigenomics
Martin Budd ND DO Lic Ac, Endocrinology

Specialist advisers:
Dr Janine Leach ND DO, Research
Prof. Derek Bryce-Smith PhD, DSc, C.Chem, FRSC, Nutrients and anti-nutrients
Dr Michael Odent, Obstetrics

Archives research:
Irving Boxer, ND DO

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